2017 – collected articles

Herewith my mish-mash of this year’s articles.

Georgia introduced rules limiting the use of drones, so Amos Chapple published a fantastic drone based, photo-journalistic piece in the Guardian. The landscape is stunning, and it’s certainly pushed Georgia onto the list of places I would like to visit.

Sweden is another place on my list.
Chinese toulou houses, bring them back I say.
And let’s not forget the UK, the Guardian’s list of 10 forgotten beauty spots.

Probably the most important journalistic item of 2017, Ronan Farrow’s excoriating expose of Harvey Weinstein.

Science and Tech:

A lot of articles related to privacy and its erosion seemed to accumulate in my reading queue, unsurprisingly.

Politics, this could be a massive collection, but I’ve pared it down heavily.